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Our treatment centers, uses an integrated approach to treating our patients. Jump Kids Health provide routine ACEs screenings, behavioral health assessments and physical examinations, with a goal to allow for early detection, intervention and prevention of risk factors for comorbidities such as diabetes, thyroid disease, asthma and or any life threatening ailments.

Our health and wellness team has unparalleled experience and uses an innovative approach to treatment, making it fun but result driven.

Under the direction of Dr. Kia C. Grundy, MD, Dr. Deborah Norton and Dr. Regina Adesanya, our community of healers- therapists, nutritionists, and fun-fitness specialists, Jump Kids Health is equipped as never before to transform lives.

Meet the Team

Dr. Deborah Rabia Gary

Director of School Based Programs

Dr. Leemu Kerkula, MD

Pennsylvania Medical Director

Dr. Kia Grundy, MD

New Jersey Medical Consultant

Dr. Regina Adesanya, PsyD

Evaluations and Assessments Consultant

Khalia Cross

Ambassador, Director of Finance
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