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After-school program 2021-2022

 We hope you had an amazing summer!

It's back to school time and we are super excited to bring to you our one of a kind, After-school program! For only $55/wk your child can partake in a variety of life changing activities! However, there's limited spacing so please click the link below to guarantee your child's spot!!!!!! 

 The After School Program will begin September 13, 2021.  All weekly tuition payments are due EVERY FRIDAY prior to the following week.  Any payments after Saturday at 12 pm are considered late and a $15 late fee will be added to your balance. If you are late picking your child up there is a late fee that must be paid the day of which is $10 for every five minutes after 6:00. 

 Welcome to JUMP KIDS HEALTH!!!

The nutrition and mental health portions of our program is paid for by your health insurance. This is how we keep the cost affordable for all.

You may also seek separate one on one  nutritional counseling  and or mental health therapy sessions.

Transportation available 

See below! 

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