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Volkswagen Promo Video

Annual East Orange General Health Fair

Overlook Medical Center Health Fair

Nike (sport wristband) Promotional Conference

Nike Commercial w/Carmelo Anthony

The White House Annual Easter Egg Hunt

LX New York (NBC)

NY Knicks Halftime Show

Success Stories

Janiyah Clinton

A current 7th grader who weighted in at 150 lbs. in August and in November weighed 126 lbs. after jumping Double Dutch for three months.

Aubrey Williams

After enrolling in Jump Kids, Aubrey has learned to choose healthier foods. She is proud to say a specific fast food restaurant is no longer her favorite choice. She was able to lose 15 lbs. while jumping rope and practicing her new healthy eating habits.

Zakiyah (Zak) Floyd

A per-diem employee of (FLDD). Zakiyah graduated from Bloomfield College and is now a school teacher at New Horizons Community Charter School in Newark, NJ. Zakiyah says because of her involvement in Laila’s Double Dutch programs she was influenced to change her eating habits and enjoys working out on a consistent basis.

Ladirah Donaldson

A graduate of University High School and a full-time employee at Jump Kids Health. Ladirah is now the head trainer of Jump Kids. She is responsible for overseeing new Jump Kids programs in the New Jersey. Ladirah says she lives a much healthier lifestyle due to Jump Kids and has implemented what she has learned in her baby’s life.

Iyanna Trotman

She registered  with low self-esteem, bashful and very introverted. After 60 days, she earned the title of team captain and  has become the spokesperson for the exhibition team.

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