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The Breakfast Club

Studies have proven that children who begin their day with a healthy breakfast have greater academic success. Research also says that exercise increases brain functioning and prepares the brain to better perform.

The Breakfast Club operates from 7:00 am until 8:30 am, Monday thru Friday (may operate during first period) to encourage students to arrive to school in enough time to eat breakfast and engage in our physical activity. Jump Kids’ team of expert double dutch specialists, licensed therapists and nutritionists have developed a fun exercise session before school in efforts to stimulate the brain in preparation to learn. In addition to providing them with a profound physical activity, our jump rope drills will make students less impulsive, increase attention and improve mood. This program was designed to benefit IEP students, especially those diagnosed with ADHD/ADD. 

After-school Programs

Make our after school sessions a part of your extended day activities or allow our team to facilitate your after school program.

Jump Kids provide an integrated medical program operated by nutritionists, licensed therapists and activity specialists that uses double dutch and or soccer techniques to engage students in daily physical activity, nutritional counseling and mental health therapy.


3 days- double dutch. mental health sessions (group), nutritional counseling

5 days- double dutch, mental health sessions (one on ones/group) nutritional counseling

School Assembly

A 45-minute interactive program that teaches the students about eating healthy and daily exercise using fun jump rope techniques.


Private Lessons

Our activity specialists  and mental health therapists are ready to commute to your home and get a game of jump rope going, Want to learn how to jump rope for the first time? No problem, teaching is our game!



Let our adult or youth exhibition team put on a show you'll never forget. Book us for corporate events, health fairs, commercials, TV broadcastings, etc.

Birthday Parties

Tired of the same old themes, well why not a double dutch party? Book our exhibition team to perform or be a part of the performance! Call now for packages and pricing!

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